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Lords of Waterdeep

The concept is that five benevolent factions with fancy names all want to mould the city of Waterdeep into their own little version of Utopia, and there’s eleven Lords that you can choose from to lead your own little army of spies.

Potion-Making Practice from RightGames

Now for the 4th in a series of card based games from Rightgames, Potion-Making Practice, which is probably the most fun. A game for 2-6 players, ages 8+ (not so sure about this…), the players are attending a lesson in potion making at the Sorcery College and the student who collects the most victory points by collecting elements and creating alchemical formulas (the more complex, the better) wins.


Evolution is a English translation of a Russian Card Game from Right Games, which they were kind enough to send to me.

Lets take a look inside…