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Playing adult-themed games at at conventions

Should you bring adult-themed adventures at conventions?

It is questionable whether you should bring adult-themed adventures at conventions, even though we all have used games to explore topics of adult nature. When we are in a public space and we are going to play with people we do not know, running an adventure that contains sensitive topics even for an older audience…
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Ed Healy, The Gamerati, talks about marketing in RPGs

Marketing in RPGs with Ed Healy

Marketing in RPGs is a vast topic that I have spoken about a few times in the past. Now we have a proper expert to tell us some secrets! Ed Healy has been doing marketing in RPGs for a very long time now and his company has specialised in both marketing and logistics for companies…
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Will you just shut your whinging! – The RPG Room

You know, I am pretty tired of stupid, petty minded assholes who prefer to take offence of anything rather than celebrate diversity. I am sick of idiots who don’t have what it takes to feel safe and secure in their masculinity and whinge and complain endlessly when something is organise just for women or minorities.…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: So you want to be a freelance?

I think it’s safe to say that every single roleplaying games out there has, at some point, wanted to write games. Whether it is for their own adventures, new classes, professions, spells… and fully fledged games too, of course. The RPG industry relies quite heavily on freelancers because few companies can afford to hire full-time…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Legendary Planet Adventure Path

Legendary Games has been creating some impressive material for quite some time now. With a great ability to surround themselves with terrific writers, they hit the mark very, very often. Now Legendary Games have joined forces with a terrific plethora of authors to create Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a very interesting take on the fantasy…
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