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Night`s Black Agents: Corebook

Ever since I first encountered the GUMSHOE system, I have been thinking that it would be perfect for the sort of spy games I like to run and play… and this book fulfills that desire! In it, Ken Hite has distilled the essence of the cinematic yet gritty spy thriller and woven it through the core GUMSHOEmechanic – and added the twist of vampires into the bargain!

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 66–Horror games and Zombies with WJ McGuffin

Since Halloween is the time of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, we though it’s be a good idea to talk with Dale and Vickey about horror games and also about zombies.

And talking Zombies, you might remember a short while ago I reviewed Outlive Outdead, from Happy Bishop Games. In this episode i have the pleasure of interviewing WJ McGuffin, the excellent writer behind the game and the concept of creating an RPG that’s actually competitive.

Æther: Burning Crosses

More adventure in the underbelly of Wellstone City: which side will you be on?

Mongoose Traveller: Adventure 1 – Beltstrike

By Megan Robertson Fancy being an asteroid miner? Do do you think the little guy needs protection against the big corporates? Publisher’s blurb: “In the Sonares system the Schaeffer belt offers riches to those equipped to exploit it – the hardy men and women who ply the dangers of the asteroid fields: the Belters. “When…
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Shadowrun 4e: The Rotten Apple – Manhattan

Designed to set the scene for the series of Shadowrun Missions set in New York, also useful information for anyone who fancies ‘running in the Big Apple.