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Video Unboxing – D&D Starter Set 2014

D&D has been reborn and the first thing we can see is this D&D Starter Set box. After a long time of playtest, conversation, speculation, hopes and fears, D&D is reborn. And it comes in a box! Whoohoo!!! (I like boxes!) Of course this is just the start, a little taster of what’s to come…
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Video Seminar – Past, Present and Future of RPGs

Always a fun topic to cover, this time I had the – as always – enormous pleasure of Sarah Newton’s company at the UK Games Expo to talk a bit about where RPGs are coming from, where they are now and we think they’re going. Some tough questions and answers and this time I didn’t…
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Video Interview – Shanna Germain and Monte Cook at UK Games Expo

The UK Games expo organisers had the great idea of bringing Sahnna Germain and Monte Cook to the show this years, which is indeed very, very good. Monte and Shanna are two very well known and, by the look of their games and quality of their production, some of the most professional and passionate people…
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