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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Shadow of the Demon Lord with Robert Schwalb

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a game that I have been looking forward to for many months. Robert Schwalb is a talented designer like few others and anything that comes out of his inkwell is worth paying good attention to. This Kickstarter has funded has funded a game that is breaking with a lot…
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Book review – Death Mark, a Dark Sun D&D novel by Robert J. Schwalb

By Paco Garcia Jaen This D&D novel was published by Wizards of the Coast in 2011 and was written by Robert J Schwalb  in 2011. Yeah… I’m a bit late on this one. I should have got hold of it a long time ago. I absolutely adore Dark Sun. It was the first D&D setting…
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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 103–Obatron Productions with Vickey and Robert Beaver

This episode brings you an interview with Vickey and Robert Beaver from Obatron Productions.

You might know Vickey as she is a regular in the show and co-hosts the RPG episodes, but I wanted to have them both to talk about their company and recent Kickstarter for their Savage Worlds campaign setting Tunse’al.

But is it Art?

A little while ago, Robert Sullivan, aka The Grumpy Celt, posed the question Are Games Art?

This is indeed a very tricky question to answer, as the concept of art is very subjective and some people consider things to be art forms only when they understand and respect that form of expression.

So, since the answer to the question Could Games Be Art? is a resounding yes, answering the question are they art is a different kettle of fish.

The Path of Kane: A Review

The Path of Kane by Pinnacle Entertainment Group is part of the Savage World campaign setting which is based on the work of Robert Howard. This particular product is 225 pages of adventure goodness. The aesthetics of the work are beautiful. The typesetting and graphic design are bold and endearing. The artwork is brilliantly selected – it is raw and untamed which reflects the setting.