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Order Pokemon – Legendary Treasures

Pokemon, one of the most popular card games of today, has yet another booster box released. The Legendary Treasures booster box is the eleventh expansion pack and the final of the black and white Pokemon series. This final booster box is based on the Japanese EX Battle Boost which was released on the 13th July…
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Pre-Order The Plasma Blast Elite Trainer Box

2nd October 2013 – London – 13:30 – Are you a fan of Pokemon? Are you a regular player of this popular trading card game? Then you can now order the Plasma Blast Elite Trainer Box from Magic Madhouse. This latest expansion pack from Pokemon is the latest box to be released from the card…
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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 117 – Sangoku Kickstarter with Mike Elliott

It is quite interesting to see how some people’s names get into the minds of the public and some others don’t. This is even more interesting when we consider that the products from the non-remembered people are really popular and of undeniable quality. This is the case with the guest being interviewed in the podcast…
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Win A Dragons Maze Box Set From Magic Madhouse

Friday 3d May 2013 – London – Magic Madhouse is currently offering the latest Magic the Gathering box set in their on-site competition. The online retailer stocks a selection of Magic the Gathering cards and decks as well as the new release Dragons Maze. The store is at present holding a giveaway which includes the…
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Magic Madhouse and G*M*S Magazine work together!

Monday 8th April 2013 – London – 11:30 – At online store Magic Madhouse, you will now find a wide range of Magic the Gathering accessories alongside their wide range of trading card collections. The trading card retailer features a vast selection of top games including World of Warcraft, Yu Gi Oh, Magic the Gathering…
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