The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 14

First, though, a bit of an announcement that has only reached this humble podcaster in the last 48 hours. G*M*S Magazine and the G*M*S Magazine Podcast have been awarded with the Game Genius Gold Awards for the best Game Blog Company and Best Game Podcast.


Northlands is a sourcebook for the North, to state the obvious, but from the very beginning you’ll realize that it goes above and beyond what you’d expect of e.g. an environment-book like e.g. 3.5’s “Frostburn”, which will serve as my point of reference for this review.


Take up your axe and raise the dragon’s head upon the longship’s prow! The time has come to brave the frozen empires of the savage north. Here honor is more common than steel, trolls and giants battle the gods, and a hero lives by strength of arm and reckless courage. Northlands is a 114-page sourcebook detailing the icy northern realms – their geography, culture and magic.

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