The G*M*S Magazine Spiel Interviews–Episode 4

By Paco Garcia Jaen Fourth out of the five DVD episodes with more interviews, and this one is a cracker! We start with a truly excellent interviewee and end up with another just as interesting. Watch and read! We start by interviewing Vince from Victory Point Games. Yes, THAT Victory Point Games. The very one […]

River Dragons review

By Paco Garcia Jaen I will never understand why, despite sitting at the table with people I genuinely like and enjoy the company off – thus being people I’d never wish any bad things upon – I absolutely adore backstabbing and, generally, screwing my friends plans when we play a game. Probably more than I […]

Unboxing: Felinia

Recently, at the UK Games Expo I came across this game from Asmodee and Matagot. I knew nothing about it, but it has cats and it’s Matagot, so I had to have it because they produce truly gorgeous games.

So I have delved into the box and its contents and found out what’s inside and if it is any good.

Surprises galore inside!

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