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Aliens: This Time is War

My interest was first piqued when I came across the game on the Geek by accident. The creator is clearly a huge fan of the film(s), and after a peek at the rules file and some of the sample cards in the images section I took the plunge. When the cards arrived from ArtsCow I was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time I have used the service, and I was unsure what to expect in terms of quality. Each card is well printed, with only a few fuzzy edges, and all the information you need to use is clearly printed.

Space Hulk: Death Angel

By Eric Newland “There’s movement all over the place” – Aliens That quote says it all. This game with the right group of friends is very exciting! I picked this game up from Gen Con a week or so again. Here is my review. Components: The box contains a large amount of cards. The card…
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