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Shadow Raiders; The Dragon Brigade Volume 1

By Paco Garcia Jaen It shouldn’t take more than a few pages for a book to capture the reader’s imagination. With this book it took me 5 pages. Margaret Weis is a legend. Without her and Tracy Hickman we wouldn’t have the Dragonlance. Just for that, all role players out there owe her an immense debt of…
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Leverage: The Quickstart Job

Dennis Holland is not a good guy. He’s responsible for bank failures, collapsed mortgages, and dozens of innocent people being forced from their homes. He collects seventies memorabilia. He’s a bad man. And he’s hosting a party.

Leverage the RPG review

The Leverage RPG is the latest licensed game from Margaret Weiss productions using a variant of their Cortex Plus rules. It is based on the hit TNT TV series about a group of (slightly) reformed criminals, who take down untouchable and truly villainous targets.