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Luna Llena (Full Moon) first play review

By Paco Garcia Jaen If you have read my review on Dos de Mayo, you’ll understand I have plenty of reasons to be a fan of GenX Games. Dos de Mayo is an absolutely fantastic game, easy to learn, easy to play, good replayability factor, great board, simple but effective components, good background and small…
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New releases from IGUK now available.

Boardgame Releases Yin Yang £12.09 Delivered! Singapore and Docks Formula D Expansion 3 £19.19 Delivered! Luna: Domain of the Moon Princess £43.09 Delivered! Doomgate Legion Expansion : Thunderstone £28.29 Delivered! RPG Releases       Wilderness (The) Dungeon Tiles Master Set : Dungeons & Dragons £14.99 Delivered! Shops Map Pack : GameMastery £9.79 Delivered! Inner…
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