10 Luckbringer feats

By Thilo Graf This pdf from Rite Publishing is 5 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, 1 page advertisement, leaving 2 pages for the 10 feats, so let’s check them out! Steven D. Russell’s Luckbringer is one of my favourite 3pp-classes out there – inspired by SGG’s Time Thief, the class provides […]

Rite Publishing releases 10 Luckbringer Feats

A Lucky Snack! Sometimes you want to sit down to a full meal of archetypes, base classes,  feats, magic items, npcs, prestige classes,  traits, classes, spells,  and sometime you just want a cheap quick and easy snack for a buck. To feed your craving Rite Publishing presents the “10 Series” which will present 10 pieces […]

The Secrets of the Magus

50% Mage, 50% Warrior, 100% Awesome. The Secrets of the Magus offers 34 new magus arcana so that the vision you have of your martial mage can easily be obtained an explored. In addition it offers a new archetype the singer of the blades so that your elven warrior wizard can embrace the most ancient […]

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