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Conversation With A Gaming Innovator #5: Eric J. Carter

Well, it’s time again for another of my jaunts into proper journalism, and this week we have another game designing, illustrating, and graphic designing phenomenon, the great Eric J. Carter. Who, you ask, is this? This is one of the best illustrators out there right now, that’s who.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of the G*M*S Magazine podcast. This is a different episode, though. In this episode we have just one item. An interview with Jaye Sonia, the writer and creator of Rhune, Dawn of Twilight. I usually try to have a review, and one more interview, but this one went on so…
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A Gaming Innovator – David Ausloos

today’s interview is with someone that you may not have heard of, but someone that deserves recognition. David is an incredibly talented graphic artist and game designer who has worked with companies such as Grindhouse Games, Stronghold Games, and White Goblin Games on games such as the prolific ‘Incursion’, the recently reprinted and updated ‘Survive!’, and the soon to be released horrorfest, ‘Dark Darker Darkest’

Podcast episode one is here!

It is with great pleasure that I announce we have our first podcast ever! After quite a few weeks of planning, chatting, playing, recording, editing, learning and enjoying, we have our first podcast uploaded and ready to be heard. In this episode: Interview with Billy Bolt, one of the minds behind PK Cards and inventor…
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Interview with Bill Collins and Hans Cummings

Rite Publishing has posted part 3 of its interview with the Ennie award winning designer Bill Collins (Tales of Zobeck) along with his partner in mischief Hans Cummings (Litorians) as they discuss their favourite Pathfinder products, their home games, and how designing for their home games differs from professorial design.  Read the full interview here.