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Interview: Ludonaute at Spiel 2014

Ludonaute is a darling company of mine. I really dig their games and I dig their people and so far they have never disappointed me. I keep saying (and I will keep saying) that French companies are the ones producing some of the best looking and best playing games out there. This year at Spiel…
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Video Interview – Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2014

I have a soft spot for Mindwarrior Games. Not just they are utterly charming people, they make tremendous games. Part of the Tactic Group, they are a relatively new addition to the company and they’re venturing further into the world of gaming. Last year they had a great selection of games and this year they…
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Video Interview – Capsicum Games at Spiel 2014

A new company at Spiel that left us very pleasantly surprised with their games was the French company Capsicum Games. Fleet Commander puts the players in the helm of a fleet of spaceships in a game with some production values that left us gagging for more. Speakeasy is a very deceptive game. What sounds like…
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Video Interview – Bezier Games at Spiel 2014

We had a chat with Ted Alspach from Bezier Games about their releases at Spiel this year. With Castles of Mad King Ludwig making the crowds very happy and One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak following close, it was only fair we asked him a few questions about the show, Spiel itself and the future.

Video Interview – Mine Nudd and Waggle Dance

Waggle Dance was successfully funded in Kickstarter a few months ago after a very good campaign. This game,the first commercially released game by Mike Nudd, who had this idea of creating a game all around bees making honey. Wild. Wild but good, because the game is actually very, very good and it’s turned up to…
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