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A Gaming Innovator – David Ausloos

today’s interview is with someone that you may not have heard of, but someone that deserves recognition. David is an incredibly talented graphic artist and game designer who has worked with companies such as Grindhouse Games, Stronghold Games, and White Goblin Games on games such as the prolific ‘Incursion’, the recently reprinted and updated ‘Survive!’, and the soon to be released horrorfest, ‘Dark Darker Darkest’

Incursion Review

Incursion – Is It Wrong To Love Crushing Nazi Zombie Skulls? by =+=SuperflyTNT=+= I heard about this game on Fortress:Ameritrash via a review done by Michael Barnes, and I have to admit that I was a bit intrigued about a game that has you running around ridding the world of two of the most hated…
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