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Grim Tree Games’ War of Honor unboxing

Sometimes is nice to be able to see what you buy before you actually buy it, and this is why Grim Tree Games brings you this very handy indeed unboxing video! This video is copyright of Grim Tree Games And now you can buy this game by visiting

War of Honor

I’d heard bits and pieces over the years about the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG and CCG’s and was always somewhat fascinated with the theme – fantasy, ancient Japan, Samurai, Ninjas and all that. Trouble is, I’ve never had the inclination to really invest time or money in either genre of game so I just let it pass. Lo and behold, AEG comes along with War of Honor, an entry into the world of L5R and my interested increased. After all, it was supposed to have 4 fixed CCG decks, and simpler rules to get stuck in.