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Podcast Episode: The Boardgame Review Room – Hive with Expansions

Hive, has been out for quite a long time now and it is a very popular game. Well balanced, deep, tons of replayability and fun. Very good fun. One only has to look at the list of reputable publishers that have put their weight behind this game to realise that, despite its unassuming looks, this…
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Pocket Hive at the UK Games Expo

With an iPhone app so you can play on the move with a rather clever AI, it offers a great deal of strategy and it is rather fun, and Pocket Hive means you can take it in your pocket (literally!) any time if you don’t have an iPhone.

Conquest Of The Fallen Lands

This game is a tile-based romp where the players are heroic types who need to rid the countryside of all the nasties that tend to overrun said countrysides. You do this by retaking territories, which are comprised solely of the tiles themselves, and to retake a territory, you simply need to have enough soldiers to take that territory.