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Tips on creating moments of high drama in an RPG

It might sound like a bad thing to say but let’s face it; a lot of roleplaying games are really two-dimensional. You have sword fights, defeat the monsters and bad guys, solve mysteries and blast about in high-spec ships popping bolts of light at the enemy. There’s magic and explosions and lasers and bombs and monsters and…. that’s pretty much it.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 90–Lakeside Games with Len Pimentel

Role Playing Games publishers come and go all the time. To the point that it is very difficult to keep up with the influx of new titles and the companies behind them.

This means that grabbing my attention is certainly not easy, but when you grab my attention… well, you’ve got it!

That is what Len Pimentel did before he created his company Lakeside Games with the idea of bringing new ideas and new games into the RPG scene.

Tommy’s Take on High Valor

By Tommy Brownell Disclaimer: I consider Tim Kirk to be a friend of mine.  That said, he and I both know we don’t necessarily agree on all things regarding game design.  However, Tim trusts me to give him a fair review and I’ll do that.  It’s all I’ve ever tried to do with these things. …
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