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Happy Birthday Dungeons & Dragons 2

D20 Source Dungeons & Dragons Blog has teamed up with The Le Games to give away a D&D PDF every day until Wednesday to celebrate the 36th anniversary of D&D. Yesterday’s offer was a free PDF copy of Treasures of Malevolent Might, a collection of 36 magic items including several artifacts. Today, you can download…
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Through the Desert

By SuperflyPete Some things are made for adults but look as if they’re meant for kids, just as some things are meant for kids but look like they should be played with by adults. No, I’m not talking about handguns or breasts. I’m talking about a Knizia game most recently reprinted by Fantasy Flight Games,…
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The Lurker at the Threshold

So the seventh Arkham Horror expansion was released recently; the fourth of the “small box” expansions. Having played with it a few times now, I believe it is the best of the small boxes, but I have to admit that’s not necessarily saying much… Much as I love Arkham Horror and the system as a whole, I’ve never been a huge fan of the small box expansions.

How have we and gaming changed?

I have recently read an article in the LA Times about a reunion of Dungeons & Dragons players who started their adventures in 1987 after one of the kid’s uncle introduced him to the game and how it escalated from there. You can read the entire article here, and I do recommend it. It does…
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Lost Cities, by Michael Schroeder

For the daring and adventurous, there are many lost cities to explore. They are in the Himalayas, the ever-shifting sands of the desert, the Brazilian rain forest, ancient volcanoes and in Neptune’s Realm. With limited resources the players must choose which expeditions to begin. Those with high confidence may want to up the stakes: increasing…
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