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Video Unboxing – Dungeon Fighter and Fire At Will Expansion

Dungeon Fighter was released by Cranio Creations in 2011 and it got a reputation for being fiendishly difficult but terrific fun. With some very quirky artwork and the promise of giggles, it sets itself very firmly in the party game and “let’s just play for the giggles and not the depth” area. The giggles are…
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Video Unboxing – Fantasy Flight Relic

Talisman has been in the gaming collective for decades. Throughout it’s different versions, it has become a much love game by a lot of gamers, and rightly so! Recently  Fantasy Flight released what is, essentially, a port of the game from fantasy to the Warhammer 40K universe, Relic. Being Fantasy Flight, I was expecting a…
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Unboxing: Elder Sign Unseen Forces

By Paco Garcia Jaen Elder Sign has been another of those Fantasy Flight Games that provoked a good amount of controversy when it was published and now Unseen Forces has been released to bring you more Lovecraft goodness to your table. Labelled by many as Arkham Horror light it was designed by Richard Launius, one…
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Fantasy Flight Star Wars Edge of The Empire RPG review

By Paco Garcia Jaen Somehow, Fantasy Flight Games has made a habit of publishing superb role playing games as well as board games. Their attention to detail and gorgeous visuals tend to be combined with a great novel approach to mechanics that tend to reflect the world around the game very well indeed. They have…
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