Podcast episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Scoville with Ed Marriott

I have learned to trust Michael Chamberlain when is about games. He kinda knows things I don’t. Tons of things. One of the things he knows how to do is spot great ideas and great sounding games in Kickstarter, and that’s exactly what he has done with Scoville. We got together with Ed Marriot and […]

Core Worlds

Core Worlds released in 2011 and marketed as “A deck-building card game of intergalactic conquest” was a game I came to with very high hopes. I had grown weary of bland deck builders but still liked the idea of deck building in concept. Core worlds is themed around the decay of the civilization and your journey from being a barbarian star empire on the outskirts of its boards, to amassing your own power and making a bid to conquer the core worlds of this once great empire for your own.

Better package design

My Mario T. Lanza When an order of games arrived, I used to neatly stacked each title on the shelf wrapped for a later day. I saw no need to rush. I had secured the title and would get to it sooner or later. Trouble is, I have recently learned that even the most well-respected […]

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