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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room – Adventures in the East Mark with Extra-Dimensional Publishing

By Paco Garcia Jaen If you’re not tired of hearing me to on about it, please let me give you another reason to be. I have *loved* Aventuras en la Marca del Este – Adventures in the East Mark – since I saw it printed for the first time in 2010. I bought two copies…
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Unboxing: La Marca del Este Caja Verde

I haven’t really done any videos in my native language before. I realise most of you reading my website are of English-speaking countries and thus not every one will be able to understand me in Spanish.

Unboxing: Aventuras en la Marca del Este Campaign Setting

La Marca del Este, published by Holocubiertain Spain is trying just that. From its origins, the gorgeous art and the evocative and dangerous setting has mixed very well with a mechanics system that, although simplistic by today’s standards, really shines with players who want a more raw and unadulterated RPG experience.

Aventuras en la Marca del Este

By Paco Garcia Jaen Spain has produced many fine games for a very long time. Aquelarre, Ragnarok. Mutantes en la Sombra, Superheroes Inc. and many others. This, together with an immense wealth of overseas games that inundated our bookshops in the late 80’s and early 90’s, propitiated a terrific and thriving scene that’s still very…
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