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Going to conventions - 10 things to do beforehand

Going to conventions – Top 10 things to do beforehand

Going to conventions requires some preparation and that is a question one of our friends from the Quackalope channel asked in one of the FB groups I regularly frequent. Regardless of whether you go as a individual, a company or as a media person, some things can always help if you are going to conventions…
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Article – My Dragonmeet Experience

By Paco Garcia Jaen Well friends, as you know, Dragonmeet has come to pass and, since I am writing this two days after the event, it is positively ancient news. But this is my blog and I talk about whatever I like, old as it might be. So there. Dragonmeet also happened to be pretty…
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Article – Organising the Dragonmeet panels

By Paco Garcia Jaen When Chris Birch told me he had taken over the organising of Dragonmeet and asked me if I’d like to organise the panels I jumped in right away. I love panels, what can I say? But why do I like them so much? While some people consider panels a waste of…
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Video seminar – Cubicle 7 at Dragonmeet

This is the seminar that Cubicle 7 hosted at Dragonmeet 2013. In this panel participated three of the luminaires in charge of the British company that’s enjoying success after success and producing some of best quality games out there. With titles like Dr Who Adventures in time and Space, Space Rocket, Primeval, The Laundry Files…
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Video seminar – Gender in Gaming at Dragonmeet 2013

Women have had a smaller than desired role in the games industry for a very long time and for no good reason. To say the industry has been male-orientated from its inception is just a statement of fact, not a point of debate. However, to say that things are still the same would also be…
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