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Review – The Stolen Throne

I decided to have a go and bought one of the novels. It has been written by David Gaider, lead writer for the video-game, so at least I knew the guy would have a thorough knowledge of the plot, characters and the setting. He didn’t disappoint… at all!


In those times and places where volcanoes and chasms throw out fire and smoke unto the lands, one can sometimes find great rocky ellipsoids scattered upon the slopes and and fields. In the wake of eruptions, as the earth quiets, these eggs of lava rock remain standing, as if spewed out with the fire from the deep bowels of the earth.

Tomes of Antiquity: (The) Dragon Magazine

Dragon magazine, originally launched as The Dragon magazine, was published for 31 years. The Dragon debuted in June 1976 as a publication of Tactical Studies Rules (TSR) as a replacement for The Strategic Review‘s brief run. At some point, the publication was renamed Dragon Magazine from the original The Dragon magazine. In 1997, after the purchase or TSR by Wizards of the Coast in 1997, publication was of the magazine was shifted to Washington state from Wisconsin. In 2002, WotC licensed the rights to publish both Dragon and Dungeon magazines to Paizo Publishing.