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Cyclades extension, waiting for it ?

After a short period of peace in Cyclades’ islands, time has come again for alliances, negotiations and hostilities. Greece is full of whispers that Hades would be back with his armies of undead… Since Essen 2009, the Original Cyclades became famous in board games world, donned with with powerful Olympus gods, mighty creatures, audacious fleets…
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Cyclades–Your own Iliad!

There are a few themes which I love much more than most, and one of them is Greek mythology. When I was a youth, watching Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, and reading the Odyssey made a huge, ongoing impact on my tastes and when I was told by a buddy, Matt Drake (www.drakesflames.blogspot.com) about a Greek-themed light wargame, I was thrilled.