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Video Interview: Cranio Creations at Spiel 2014

After an interesting year, Cranio Creations was once again at Spiel with a new offering of games that looked really good. Hardly surprising. They always deliver the goods! I got together at the show with Giuliano Acquari to talk about Dungeon Bazar, Soquadro and Valentina, which will make the delights of anyone into comic books.…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Dungeon Fighter Fire at Will

Dungeon Fighter was launched by Cranio Creations to much acclaim for being fiendishly difficult and a ton of fun to play. And silly. It’s very, very silly. This game sees you rolling dice on a strangely shaped board in order to determine if you’ve succeeded to attack monsters that inhabit… yes, you guessed, dungeons. But…
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Video Unboxing – Dungeon Fighter and Fire At Will Expansion

Dungeon Fighter was released by Cranio Creations in 2011 and it got a reputation for being fiendishly difficult but terrific fun. With some very quirky artwork and the promise of giggles, it sets itself very firmly in the party game and “let’s just play for the giggles and not the depth” area. The giggles are…
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