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Should Players Give Smaller CCG’s a Chance?

I have made friends with and been part of some CCG companies in the past few years. In this time I have noticed the same problem for these upstart CCG companies. Thought the games are cool and the artwork is awesome, players just don’t seem to want to give new games a chance. I asked myself and players, Why?

A Game of Thrones LCG exhaustive review

I have played A Game of Thrones about a dozen times now. Most of the matches have been in the 2 player format, only 1 so far has been in the 4 player format. This is important to note as the perspective of my review will mostly be from a 2 player format. However save for multiplayer titles, all the game mechanics and such work the same

New releases from IGUK now available.

Boardgame Releases Yin Yang £12.09 Delivered! Singapore and Docks Formula D Expansion 3 £19.19 Delivered! Luna: Domain of the Moon Princess £43.09 Delivered! Doomgate Legion Expansion : Thunderstone £28.29 Delivered! RPG Releases       Wilderness (The) Dungeon Tiles Master Set : Dungeons & Dragons £14.99 Delivered! Shops Map Pack : GameMastery £9.79 Delivered! Inner…
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