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Pirates & Dragons Ahoy!

Pirates like gold. Dragons like gold. When the terrors of the sea meet the terrors of the sky, there’s bound to be trouble! They came from Albion, from Gaule and Esbania and Batavia, in search of the treasures of the New World. They found a menace older than mankind – dragons! In their mountain lairs…
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Book review – The Alchemist’s Revenge

By Paco Garcia Jaen The Alchemist’s Revenge is the first novel by Peter Cakebread, one half of the team Cakebread and Walton, fine purveyors of Role Playing Games, namely Clockwork and Chivalry, Pirates and Dragons, Renaissance and Airship Pirates. This novel is based on the universe of Clockwork and Chivalry, a dark time in England’s…
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