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Unboxing Video – Guardians’ Chronicles from Iello

Guardians’ Chronicles is a super hero based miniatures game published by the excellent Iello. Released in 2014, it plays 2 to 4 players and from the outside looks pretty amazing. In this game the players take the roles of super heroes who have to stop Professor Skarov from executing his evil plans. With a fair number…
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Video Unboxing: Athlas – Duel for Divinity

Athlas – Duel for Divinity caught my eye before it even came out because of the absolutely striking visuals. That doesn’t mean much… I am easily caught up by beauty and this game indeed looks very beautiful. Athlas – Duel for Divinity is a 2 player game in which players have to fight their way…
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Video Interview – Historical Games Factory

Polish company Historical Games Factory has a great purpose, to create historically accurate games that reflect the theme. Lots of games try that but it’s a rather difficult thing to achieve and you need to know your history very well. With Sigismundus Augustus they did a great job and created a really deep and complex…
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Unboxing Video – Terra Evolution

I like Mindwarrior Games. I think it’s a cool company and they have a very friendly customer facing people who devote themselves to their customers. Customers who tend to be very happy to play their games too, I hasten to add. In this video we take a look at Terra Evolution, a deck building game…
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Dice & Slice Season 1 Episode 2 – Thunderbirds are go!

Anyone who likes cool TV would have heard of Thunderbirds, the series set an incredible precedent on TV decades ago and it has remained an icon and a milestone to date with a massive following of dedicated fans. Now those fans, and more people yet to become fans, are going to have the chance to…
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