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Reflections on Spiel 2013

By Paco Garcia Jaen One more year, we have taken the camera equipment and gone to Germany to what is *the* gaming event of the year for tens of thousands of people and thousands of companies. Once again, we battled the gigantic crowds of so many thousands, that finding out how many is as difficult…
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The G*M*S Magazine RPG Podcast Episode 115 – GenCon recap with Vickey

By Paco Garcia Jaen Once again, friends, we’re recording our RPG podcast and this time, after Vickey has had the chance to recover from a busy schedule, we talk GenCon. You might think by now that you’ve heard every update about the convention you need, but we couldn’t miss the chance to have a go…
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Card Game Review – Hanabi

By Michael Chamberlain Do you think with the help of friends you could sort coloured cards numbered from one to five into that order and by colour? That is the question that Hanabi asks of its players. Hanabi is a three to five player cooperative game about creating a firework show. It won this year’s…
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Salute 2013 Episode 1

The first episode of the interviews we recorded at Salute 2013. Bit later than we would have wanted, but here they are.

Conpulsion Episode 3–Italic Pig with Kevin Beimers

Third in the series of episodes from Conpulsion.

This time I bring you, with out most pleasure, an interview with Kevin Beimers, the mind behind Italic Pig. I could tell you what that is, but Kevin explains much better than I could during the interview.

Not an interview about RPGs or Board Games, but about videogames for the mobile platform, but I think you’ll find it interesting. Or I hope you will!