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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Steampunk never had a chance!

Steampunk has become very, very fashionable in the last few decades. Although the concept has been with us for along time and novels with technology that had the flavour of what we currently know as Steampunk have been numerous by favour authors, it was only in the 80’s that the term Steampunk was coined by…
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Podcast episode – The RPG Room: Get out of my hobby!

Our hobby has a nasty side sometimes and when it shows its ugly face it is very difficult to roll high enough to save for the trolls. And some trolls don’t go away even if you pour acid or burn them to the ground. That’s what happened recently with a Kickstarter project from Daring Entertainment.…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room with Paco and Jim

By Paco Garcia Jaen and Jim Pinto Once again we’re Jim and I are back ready to talk RPGs to our hearts content and, hopefully to your heart’s satisfaction. In this episode of the RPG Room, Jim talks about systems that don’t manage to match the rules and the setting. We discuss how to go…
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Podcast episode – The RPG Room Episode two

After a while in which we’ve kept the room under lock and key, we are back to discuss all things role play and cover topics gaming related that might, or might not, be of interest to you, our lovely listeners. Together with the furniture, we’ve made some changes to the hosts. Or maybe I should…
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Podcast Episode–The RPG Room: Improvising, Giving Feedback and Reading to Rob with Vickey Beaver

By Paco Garcia Jaen The first in this series of episodes in which me, Paco and my better co-host, Vickey talk about RPG stuff. Not reviews, not Kickstarter projects and not too much nonsense either (thought, come on… it’s me! Some nonsense must be included!). In this episode we talk about how to give feedback…
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