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Endles Quest

Endless Quest with Matt Forbeck: The RPG Interview Room

Matt Forbeck is the New York Times best seller author who has just published four Endless Quest books based in D&D Forgotten Realms. Matt Forbeck has been writing professionally since 1989 and has a plethora of books on his back. Probably so many he would not be able to carry them all if he had…
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Pirates' Compendium from Legendary Games

Pirates Compendium with Legendary Games

Legendary Games’ Pirates Compendium is their latest project for the 5E and Pathfinder rulesets. But, why does everyone like pirates and what does this do to provide something cool? Pirates Compendium brings us closer to knowing what a pirate’s life was like and how to sail your boat to shores ahoy. Or something like that.…
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Dark Sun, from Tim Brown, creator of Dragon Kings

Dark Sun, Dragon Kings and Tim Brown. The RPG Interview Room

Tim Brown is the guy who made us very lucky in the early 90s by bringing Dark Sun. A setting that broke many moulds in the fantasy worlds of the time and dared do things very differently, it is very very much missed by all who knew it in its original form. Dragon Kings was…
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Capharnaum, an RPG based on medieval Middle East

Capharnaum with Sarah Newton – The RPG Interview Room

Capharnaum is the newest push for Mindjammer Press. The publisher’s creative mind and all-round genius Sarah Newton new discovery. Capharnaum has taken the helm after a terribly successful Kickstarter to launch a battery of books for the Mindjammer RPG. For the last almost two years, Sarah has been busy dishing out book after book for…
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The RPG Room Chaosium and Jeff Richard

A company that has been going on for longer than most, Chaosium has brought some of the most emblematic and beloved franchises to the RPG world. Glorantha, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu… all of them prolific lines that have been supported by many thousands in many languages over many years. And yet, the company has also…
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