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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Lone Wolf with Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 has been for the last few years the flagship of RPG publishing in the UK. Of course that can be argued, but with successful licenses like Dr. Who and The One Ring, it is safe to say they are at the forefront of the RPG publishing business. Now they are back on Kickstarter…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Strange Magic with Bradley Crouch

Interjection Games has created in the last few years some supplements for Pathfinder that have taken Vancian Magic, turned it around, messed with it, added some flavour, put some touches of genius on top and created some really interesting products that really push boundaries. Now, after a long time in development, Bradley Crouch has started…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Tre Grisby and L.U.G. Con

Online conventions are a logical step in the socialising scene for a lot of hobbies. Probably any hobby, to be honest. The possibility of getting “together” with other people who share a passion and talk, play and share ideas together. That is exactly what Tre’ Grisby thought when he decided to create L.U.G. Con, an…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Brendan Davis and Sertorius

Sertorius is the latest offering from Bedrock Games and has been launched, much to everyone’s surprise, without any Kickstarter influence whatsoever. And it looks pretty amazing. No, really. It does. After the publication of Arrows of Indra, the company devoted all their efforts into creating a game with an unique approach to magic and offer…
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Podcast Episode: The RPG Interview Room – Legendary Games with Rachel Ventura and Jason Nelson

Legendary Games has been creating Pathfinder material for a while now and they do indeed know what they’re doing. Our very own Endzeitgeist has written numerous reviews of their products and more often than not he’s very complimentary, which is a good sing indeed! It seems that now they’re setting themselves up for something bigger…
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