The Boardroom

Podcast Episode – The Boardroom Episode three

Doctor Reddy, Paco and Kara mingle in the Boardroom for a bit to bring you some reviews and conversation on the world of boardgaming. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:30 What games have Paco and Dr Mike been playing including Ghost Blitz and Duko 00:06:15 What Paco and Dr Mike got for Christmas including Ligretto, Lego Heroica and […]

Podcast Episode – The Boardroom with Mr. Flip the Table himself, Chris Michaud!

By Dr. Mike Reddy Show notes for episode #001 This podcast was recorded between the 11th October and the 11th November 2013 00:00 Introduction 02:58 What We’ve Been Playing: 02:58 Dungeon Roll (Paco) 12:12 Stone Age (Kara) 12:48 Love Letter (Kara and Paco) 13:15 Fauna (Kara) 14:36 Pixel Lincoln (Paco) 17:15 Mice and Mystics (Paco) […]

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