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Podcast Episode–The Board Game Review Room: VivaJava

I backed VivaJava in Kickstarter because I like the guys who publish it, quite frankly. As you may or may not know, I am a fan of games with theme and strange themes usually make for strange games too, so I thought I’d give it a go. After a long time of wanting to review…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Pandante

Let me make this *very* clear: I don’t like Poker. At all. I find it a pretty pointless game that people take too seriously and doesn’t serve any purpose because I don’t find it fun. I know a lot of people like it. I know a lot of people sing its praises, but it’s just…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: CO2 from Stronghold Games

I got this game because Stephen Buonocore sold it to me. Literally.

I was in Spiel last year, went to see the man, saw he had a ton of really cool games and asked him “What should I buy from you that’s good?”.

Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room – A first play review of Ortus

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Joost Das, the creator of Ortus, an abstract game for two players that’s been funded in Kickstarer at the time of publishing this podcast.

Podcast episode – The Board Game Review Room: Mice and Mystics review

Hello everyone, today we are talking about playing Mice and Mystics for the first time!

Please, do come in and make yourself confortable. There are still some seats at the front here.

The Boardgame Review Room is open!