G*M*S Magazine joins forces with Boardgames in Blighty

In an effort to bring you more news and expand the impressive content both websites feature, Boardgames in Blighty and G*M*S Magazine are joining forces to share content for both websites, and talent for the G*M*S Magazine Podcast.

G*M*S Magazine gets sponsored!

Yes my dear friends, the magazine is sponsored by no other than Fun Q Games, creators of games like Triplica and Befuzzled. After a few weeks of conversation and agreements, I am really proud to have Fun Q Games on board with G*M*S Magazine. I can honestly say I haven’t found many games companies out […]

Eagle Games Announces Dragon Rampage

A new dice-based game by acclaimed designer Richard Launius May 17, 2011: Eagle Games is pleased to announce Dragon Rampage, a new dice-based fantasy game! Dragon Rampage couples an exciting dice-rolling mechanic with more traditional board game and card mechanics. Dragon Rampage is brought to you by Richard Launius, designer of such hits as Arkham […]

Pre-orders started for Warparty.

A new and promising game has just started to take pre-orders at a much reduced price than the retail price via Lock’nLoad Games. Warparty is a fantasy based war game for 2 to 4 players.  The Goblins and Undead are war with the Humans and Dwarves.  Players can recruit heroes to explore dungeons, fight monsters […]

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