Book review – Death Mark, a Dark Sun D&D novel by Robert J. Schwalb

By Paco Garcia Jaen This D&D novel was published by Wizards of the Coast in 2011 and was written by Robert J Schwalb  in 2011. Yeah… I’m a bit late on this one. I should have got hold of it a long time ago. I absolutely adore Dark Sun. It was the first D&D setting […]

The Nazi Occult

The Nazis were crazy. I mean… truly. Apart from being a bloodthirsty bunch of despicable bastards (if you challenge my statement, please stop reading now and leave my website. And don’t come back) they spent a huge length of time looking for myths and studying the occult in their quest for world subjugation.

Kenneth Hite has done a great deal of reading and research to find out about these Nazi escapades in their search for the true roots of their “purity”. And my goodness it has paid off!

Interview with Jonathan Green–YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter project

It is safe to say that Fighting Fantasy cemented a literary genre that had barely been explored in the past. The series of books took some experimental writings that toyed with the idea of letting the reader determine the course and, ultimately, the outcome of the story.

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