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RPG Video Review – D&D Player’s Handbook

First Impressions–Should I buy it By Evaldas Bladukas We were talking about trying out different types of content and this is a great example of what we meant. OK so the audio isn’t great – it was a learning experience and we actually managed to learn from it (i.e. we know how to avoid these […]

RPG Video Review – Achtung! Cthulhu, a review in honour of the D-Day landings anniversary

By Evaldas Bladukas and Elaine Bladukiene The long awaited part two of our WW2 double bill is finally here. From soldiers to Shoggoths, Achtung! Cthulhu strives to deliver two tropes that inspired many artists mashed into one. Does it succeed? And more importantly, what happened to Elaine? All will be answered in our new No […]

Video Review – MEMOIR ’44

A REVIEW IN HONOR OF THE D-DAY LANDINGS ANNIVERSARY By Evaldas Bladukas It’s been 70 years since the D-Day landings and to celebrate the souls that fought in the war, for the next two weeks we’ll be having a look at World War 2 themed tabletop games. Memoir ’44 has been a mainstay of the […]

Video Review – The Modern Promethean: The Created

By Evaldas Bladukas This time there’s no sketch. No jokes. Something completely different. Efka tackles his first role-playing game review and he chose one that’s quite precious to him, The Created. This game always stood out as something just a bit more bizarre and eccentric. It’s certainly unusual – how many other games let you […]

Boardgame Review – Lord of the Rings living card game.

By Evaldas Bladukas Today my friends we venture into lands wrought with peril and danger, where many board game fans fear to tread. Where wallets collapse and melt like clocks in a Dali painting. Where addictions develop faster than the spreading of narcolepsy when the in-flight movie comes on. We are talking, of course, about […]

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