Dr. Mike Reddy

Video Seminar – Game Design at UK Games Expo

Game design is something a lot of us aspire to do. Well, me not so much. Only a bit. Anyway. some people are very good at it and it shows because they have very good games out there. So it makes sense to have people in a panel who have very good games out there. […]

Podcast Episode – The Boardroom Episode three

Doctor Reddy, Paco and Kara mingle in the Boardroom for a bit to bring you some reviews and conversation on the world of boardgaming. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:30 What games have Paco and Dr Mike been playing including Ghost Blitz and Duko 00:06:15 What Paco and Dr Mike got for Christmas including Ligretto, Lego Heroica and […]

Video seminar – Gender in Gaming at Dragonmeet 2013

Women have had a smaller than desired role in the games industry for a very long time and for no good reason. To say the industry has been male-orientated from its inception is just a statement of fact, not a point of debate. However, to say that things are still the same would also be […]

Podcast Episode – The Boardroom with Mr. Flip the Table himself, Chris Michaud!

By Dr. Mike Reddy Show notes for episode #001 This podcast was recorded between the 11th October and the 11th November 2013 00:00 Introduction 02:58 What We’ve Been Playing: 02:58 Dungeon Roll (Paco) 12:12 Stone Age (Kara) 12:48 Love Letter (Kara and Paco) 13:15 Fauna (Kara) 14:36 Pixel Lincoln (Paco) 17:15 Mice and Mystics (Paco) […]

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 111–Board game reviews with Dr Mike Reddy

One of the two episodes to be released this week. In this episode the good Dr Reddy and myself decided to have a couple of reviews for you, including a review of Hanabi. But, of course, that’s not all we talk about. There is a review of a little paints rack for Citadel, Vallejo, Tamiya… […]

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