Unboxing the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary Box, perfect for your games!By Paco Garcia Jaen

We all love slaughtering our enemies in a game of Pathfinder RPG. Unless you’re a pacifist and decide that dialogue is the only way (in which case your character won’t last long, trust me) you enjoy rolling your d20s and inflicting as much damage as you can. Having the bestiary book is great to visualise your enemies, but sometimes having something on the table is a lot better. However, getting minis for every single one of the enemies you are about to face can be *really* expensive and, sometimes, totally impossible. That’s why the nice people at Paizo have prepared this most excellent Bestiary box full of icons.

But, as all boxes, it could have disappointing contents and the only way to find out is to open it.

To save you trouble and help you decide if you want to buy this to use in your Pathfinder RPG sessions, in G*M*S Magazine we’re doing that for you and delivering everything in full glorious HD.


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