pic970086_md[1]This game promises a lot from the moment go.

It compares itself to Chess and Checkers and even states that this game would make for an awesome centre piece on your coffee table as a talking point. Bold claims indeed! Does this game stand up to visual and production scrutiny?

Let’s find out!

From the publishers:

Commander-In-Chief is a fun fast-playing abstract strategy war game published by X Plus Products in which a player’s Air, Land and Sea military vehicles work as a unified Armed Forces assault team to “capture” their opponent’s Commander. The board consists of a traditional 8 square x 8 square checkerboard grid divided into two Land areas separated by a Sea area. Vehicles are restricted to movement within their assigned battlefields: Through the Air, On Land and/or In the Sea.

Commander-In-Chief is a 3-In-1 board game that includes Chess & Checkers; these Classics are played on the dark and light colored side of the double sided game board. Additional game play options include: Tic-Tac-Toe and The Triangle Puzzle Game. Lastly, the 30 pieces that come with the game are miniatures, 30 Military Toys, designed for play with or without this board game and the 30 bases that the miniatures mount on, when inverted, become 30 Stackable Spinning Tops designed for multiple family fun games.


Paco Garcia-Jaen unboxes Commander-In-Chief