Dec 292012

half_GuideToGloranthaCover[1]Glorantha has been around for so long that it is one of the best loved fantasy settings in a roleplaying game. Indeed is also one of the richest and most comprehensive fantasy universes out there. It is not surprising, then, that Moon Design decided to come up with a Kickstarter campaign to create a comprehensive atlas of Glorantha.

Although it is not surprising either that the project got funded, but the speed at which it got funded and the amount of money it got was really, really impressive. No wonder that the list of stretch goals they had to come up with was just as impressive!

We recorded the seminar at Dragonmeet in which we are told everything about this really exciting project.

The audio is not as good as we’d like due to technical difficulties, so apologies for that!

The Guide to Glorantha Campaign
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Moon Design seminar at Dragonmeet. The Guide to Glorantha., 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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