The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 64–More Spiel with Dr Mike Reddy

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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 64–More Spiel with Dr Mike Reddy

spiel-20122With so many interviews from Spiel and so many episodes to come, including the ones for the RPG section of the podcast, it felt only right to record one episode with Dr Reddy to ask and answer questions about Spiel and the state of games at the show.

We discuss the size of the show and the impact that cheaper production costs and better shipping logistics are having on the indie scene. Will that mean that picky publishers will find more and more money is going to indie produced games and thus, cutting their income?

What impact will Kickstarter have on the European industry? With Kickstarter having proven beyond doubt that a good campaign can enable a small designer to avoid both publisher and distributor, and with the incipient talent lurking within the indie scene in Europe, it could mean a dilution of the market and see the money people spend in games, spread more thinly amongst more companies.

We discuss the highlights and the low points (though there were *very* few low points) and also how Dr Reddy has helped the law and the world of anti-piracy in videogames!

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Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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