The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 121 – Codinca Kickstarter project with BackSpindle Games

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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 121 – Codinca Kickstarter project with BackSpindle Games

codincaCodinca is an abstract game in which players compete with each other moving and turning pieces on a four by four grid in order to create patterns with the symbols on the pieces. The first player to get three patterns out of the four allocated, wins the game.

Although that’s the gist of the game, that’s not all there is to it. Some rules allow you to do special moves once per game in order to get an advantage.

This game is now in Kickstarter, even though it was launched at Spiel last year, trying to get funds to be launched again, this time in a smaller and neater box than the original one.

To find out why they’ve gone to Kickstarter and what plans the two creators have for the game, I asked them to come to the podcast and interview them for a few minutes to find out.

I found out that, as well as creating a cool looking game, they’re actually helping people in India.

One of the pledge levels in this campaign can see you the owner of some gorgeous looking pieces hand made of stone. Those pieces are being carved in India by people who are being paid a decent and honest wage for their work. With their little hammers and their simple tools, they’re achieving an amazing level of crafmanship that deserves support and reward in equal measures.

Indeed a lesson some games that go to Kickstarter could mimic to hep other people in the same circumstances.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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