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A La Carte unboxing video.

By Paco Garcia Jaen This is the video of the unboxing of A La Carte, from Karl-Heinz Schmiel, which is probably one of the cutest games out there. Paco Garcia Jaen unboxes A La Carte Although it’s not the deepest of games, It’s probably one of the most children friendly one. Easy to learn and…
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Grim Tree Games’ War of Honor unboxing

Sometimes is nice to be able to see what you buy before you actually buy it, and this is why Grim Tree Games brings you this very handy indeed unboxing video! This video is copyright of Grim Tree Games And now you can buy this game by visiting

Agency in scenario driven eLearning

First of all I will make this very clear; I am a game player -a big, big games fan. I have been playing videogames, board games and role playing games since I was a child and they have had a massive impact in developing my imagination, my visualisation skills, my social skills and even my empathy skills. This is important for me to make clear since the start of this article because I want everyone to know that I am biased. Yes, I believe in games as a medium to develop healthy personality traits and interaction skills.

Interview with Graeme Davis

If you have been playing games and you pay any attention to the names of the people who write them, you will have read Graeme Davis quite a few times. Born in London with degree in Archaeology, for nearly 30 years, he has produced material for electronic and tabletop games, books, magazines, newspapers, electronic publications,…
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