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Video Unboxing: Torn Armor

I am not one for wargames because they take too long to play (usually) and I am not one for long games. When Alyssa Faden came up with Torn Armor, I was hooked and i backed the Kickstarter. Then I had Alyssa in the podcast for an interview and I was even more taken by…
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Video Unboxing – Suburban Dispute

Suburban dispute was another discovery from Spiel that I was attracted to because I like silly games sometimes (well, OK… often). In this case, Jamoma Games brings us a game of back-stabbing  and gangster families fighting with each other for the… err…. for whatever, it doesn’t matter because fighting between gangsters is always a good…
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Video Unboxing – Kings of Mithril from Mindwarrior Games

Kings of Mithril is a game from Mindwarrior Games, the Finnish company part of the Tactic group that has released a few games in the last few years of varying themes. This time the players compete to gain control of a kingdom by building said kingdom around and inside Mount Mithril. Players try to extend…
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RPG Video Review – La Mirada del Centinela

By Paco Garcia Jaen La Mirada del Centinela is a RPG that came out in Spain a couple of years ago and published by NoSoloRol, one of the most promising companies in Spain at the moment. A super hero game with a background very close to that of Batman, the game plays to the vigilante…
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RPG Video Review – D&D Player’s Handbook

First Impressions–Should I buy it By Evaldas Bladukas We were talking about trying out different types of content and this is a great example of what we meant. OK so the audio isn’t great – it was a learning experience and we actually managed to learn from it (i.e. we know how to avoid these…
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