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Podcast episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Firefly

By Paco Garcia Jaen, Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray Firefly, a boardgame with the simple motto Find a Crew, Find a Job. Keep Flying. Can it do justice to the series that inspired it? Firefly is a very much loved Science Fiction series. It surprised everyone when it turned out to be very, very decent,…
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Podcast episode – The Board Game Interview Room: Argent: The Consortium by Level 99 Games

Level 99 has been a company I’ve been very keen on since I learned about Brad Talton some three years ago. I backed their Kickstarter project for Mystic Empyrean and since they’ve had a whole load of projects that have been successful, which is pretty good!

Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Love Letter

By Paco Garcia Jaen Compact, light, gorgeous, fun, simple, engaging… Those are words are words any game designer would like to  see or hear applied to their game, and indeed a lot of games promise all those things so you, the gamer, will part with your hard-earned cash and buy it. Or get it for…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: CO2 from Stronghold Games

I got this game because Stephen Buonocore sold it to me. Literally.

I was in Spiel last year, went to see the man, saw he had a ton of really cool games and asked him “What should I buy from you that’s good?”.

Podcast Episode–The RPG Room: Improvising, Giving Feedback and Reading to Rob with Vickey Beaver

By Paco Garcia Jaen The first in this series of episodes in which me, Paco and my better co-host, Vickey talk about RPG stuff. Not reviews, not Kickstarter projects and not too much nonsense either (thought, come on… it’s me! Some nonsense must be included!). In this episode we talk about how to give feedback…
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