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Richard Garfield Bunny Kingdom

Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom: Any good?

Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom is the designer’s newest through Iello. What can we expect from this title? Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering has managed to have success after success after success. King of Tokyo, King of New York, Netrunner and Android: Netrunner, Star Wars CCG and many, many others. Having an area…
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Video Unboxing – King of New York from Iello

King of Tokyo was a massive success for good reasons. It is a quick, simple, very entertaining, fun and very, very nasty game. Oh and it has kaiju. What’s not to like? But, as you could expect, Richard Garfield wasn’t going stand still and not make it even better, and thus came King of New…
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