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Video review – Simurgh, from NSKN

Simurgh was published by NSKN just two years ago and, as a game all about dragons and since I am pretty Dragons nut, I had to try it. A worker placement and resource management game for 2 to 5 people that plays in around 90 minutes, this game has a pretty original feature, and is…
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RPG Video Review – Dungeonology by Matt Forbeck

Dungeonology is one of those books that are not aimed at you but you still love them because it is gorgeous and, deep inside (or not so deep as the case might be) we all have a child in us. This book, published in November 2016, is a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast, Candlewick…
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Board Game – Review Tornado Ellie

By Paco Garcia Jaen Having a quick and easy to teach/learn game is a must. Because sometimes the only time left to play a game are the 15 minutes before the take-away arrives or the pasta finish cooking, or there are some waiting time for the last member of the party to arrive. That is…
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Podcast Episode The RPG Review Room Sleepers: Orphans of the Cold War

Can you imagine being a Sleeper soldier from the Cold War? By Paco G. Jaen Sleepers: Orphans of the Cold War is an RPG from company Death Spiral Games in which players take on the roles of agents of the Cold War that have been in stasis for a long time and have been awakened…
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Podcast Episode The RPG Review Room: FAITH

FAITH is a Spanish Science Fiction RPG by company Burning Games.  FAITH, unlike other RPGs, comes in a box with tons of cards and tokens. Nice looking too! In FAITH, the universe has been connected by a network of wormholes that have thousands of exits to just a many solar systems and planets and five…
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