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ZUZZY Miniatures Feldston Paven Sneak Peek

ZUZZY Miniatures has released a sneak peek at the newest battlemat that they’re working on. It’s called the Feldston Paven and it’s a battlemat with a rough fieldstone paved texture. ZUZZY’s making this mat to be used as the roughly paved street for a country village, a dungeon floor or an Orc village for example.…
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Zuzzy Miniatures Flagston Paven

This time the talented people from Zuzzy Miniatures have been kind enough to send me a 11 x 14 inch mat from the latest range of terrain, the Stonework range, called the Flagston Paven.

ZUZZY Miniatures Releases Flagston Paven Battlemat

ZUZZY Miniatures new Terra-Flex battlemat, the Flagston Paven, is now available. The Flagston Paven mat is the first in their StoneWorks line of terrain. The surface of the new mat has raised details molded into it of rough hewn stone paving. ZUZZY’s Terra-Flex mats are made from rubber to be flexible, durable, and to help…
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DOOM the Boardgame review

Greetings all, thanks for taking some time to check out my review of DOOM: The Board Game. I will review each component of the game, in broken down paragraphs and then give my over all opinion on the game.

ZUZZY Flagston Paven Release Date and Advance Ordering

The Flagston Paven wargaming mat will be the first release in ZUZZY Miniatures’ new line of Stoneworks terrain. It’s scheduled release date is January 11th, 2011. As with all of their Terra-Flex gaming mats, the Flagston Paven mat has a sculpted texture to match the realism of your gaming minis. They are made from rubber…
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